Saturday, September 5, 2009

New photos of the babe!

Thought I'd throw a few newer pics up here for all to see. Up above, Nora loves to sit on the cat bed, thinking it's a tiny sofa for herself. It's so cute. She absolutely loves it.
We went to the track last weekend, and Nora and I played in the grass and took a walk in her stroller while Chris went for a run. Usually that entails Nora throwing her Spongebob out of the stroller 100 times thinking it's funny.
Here is Nora again w/Elmo, her other love:

Fall has been hinting of its return lately with slightly chillier mornings, and while we are sad to see summer go, we are looking forward to all things Fall - pumpkin picking, Halloween, and of course, Nora's 1st birthday.

She's growing so fast, turning into a bona fide toddler. It's fun.
Her top teeth are coming in. She's got two that have cut through and two more that are right there.

And of course she loves to play w/her toys!


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