Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer is Near!

Sorry it's been so long since the last update. Life is truly going by so fast that by the time I have a second to get online another month (or two, lol) has gone by!!

Nora's going to be 8 months old this week and I still can't believe it.

She took off crawling a month ago, the same weekend she turned 7 months. She also cut her first tooth that weekend, much to our surprise. She cut her second tooth this month, around the 18th, so she now has two teeth (the bottom two middle ones).

She's crawling and you can't keep her out of anything. It's definitely interesting. If it's too quiet somewhere I know I need to find her and see what she's gotten into!

She is also now saying "mama" - so much so that it seems to be all that comes out of her little mouth (as in, "mamamamamamamama" which never ends...) It's cute and sweet ... and tiring! She has gotten really good at clapping, too. Whenever she's excited she starts clapping and it's so cute!

She's doing better w/solids. She loves watermelon, asparagus, and broccoli the best. A few not-so-favorites are banana and avocado. She hates being fed anything on a spoon. The few times I've tried I've not been very successful!

Other than Nora News, not much is going on at the Suleski house. The cats are doing well as are Chris and I. We are enjoying the nicer weather and getting outdoors more often. We are working on our house little by little. We started cleaning out the upstairs with plans to turn it into an office type room, and we also plan to build a patio out back with pavers and install a sliding glass door in the breezeway. Hopefully we can finish these projects by the end of summer.