Saturday, January 24, 2009

So, it wasn't a tooth...Oops.

So, I feel kind of dumb, but I took Nora to the ped Thursday night for her 3 month checkup. Well, the ped saw what I saw poking through her gums, and said she sees them often - and lots of 1st time parents think it's a tooth - but it's actually some kind of a cyst. It's hard, white and jutting through her gum, but it isn't a tooth. Harmless and very common. It should go away on its own. Oh well! I thought it was REALLY early for her to be cutting teeth anyway. So, I'm kind of embarrassed that I thought it was a tooth, but I chalk it up to never having seen a baby cut a tooth before.

But she is definitely teething. The ped says she sees buds in there ready to come through in another month or so. Yay for fussy babies!

Oh - and she weighs 15 lbs 15 oz and is 26 inches long! My little chunker! 95th percentile, w00t!

Here are some photos to tide you all over!

Gearing up for the cold!

Our big girl - so sleepy!



Happy girl!


The Johndersons said...

Man is she getting big! So beautiful. Maybe when the weather gets nice Mike and I can host a reunion so we can squeeze each others babes. Oh and we aren't ECing...Amara can't roll over with thoose pesky diapers on. So we give her plenty of diaper free time so she can get her groove on.

Laurel said...

What a big beautiful girl she is! Amazing! It is great to see her grow. Isla is getting big too. If we ever update our blog you can check her out.

Hope you guys are warm this Winter.


Anonymous said...

I'm Montse from your DDC on MDC. Nora Caitlin is adorable!

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