Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Silly Giggly Girl!

So, we haven't updated in awhile and I thought I'd just jump on here to say a few words. We had a very happy Christmas with Nora! We hope you all had fun hanging out with us and with her!

Nora is going to be 3 months old on Friday. Where did the time go? Sometimes I feel like I've had no time to spend with her at all, that all of this time so far has been spent struggling to figure her out. Now that she's growing, giggling, and interacting with us more, I feel like she's becoming a little girl instead of a newborn. I want to spend every minute with her!

She's gotten to be an incredibly silly little girl. Her sense of humor and personality are really starting to come through! She often has giggle fits and makes silly faces. Here is one of her favorite faces to make:

We'll update again soon! Promise!

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Anonymous said...

That's too funny! Glad your holidays went well.