Friday, October 10, 2008

Nora is now 8 days old! We cannot believe how fast this week went by. Monday started out with her first trip out to see the pediatrician.

Everything went well except the doctor felt she was a little too jaundiced. So we had to trek over to St. Peter's Hospital to have her bilirubin levels checked. If they were too high (over 17) then she would have to be admitted to the hospital and we really did not want that. After being so successful with the homebirth and having everything go so well, we didn't want anything to be wrong with our sweetie. Her level was just shy at 16.1, so we did have to go back the next day, Tuesday, to have them checked again. Luckily, they came back at 14.1, so we no longer had to go back for checks after that. Nora is looking much less yellow now and is doing fantastic!

We've sort of gotten our routine established now, and things are going pretty well! Nights really aren't that bad. Nora is a champion sleeper, just like her Mama! She sleeps for 2-4 hours at a time, even at night, which is really nice. She wakes to eat 2 or 3 times and then goes right back to sleep.

We've started using our cloth diapers and we absolutely LOVE them! They are truly impressive. It's funny, I actually really like using the Kissaluvs with the snaps and Chris likes the prefolds, which is the opposite of what people usually say! Usually Dads like the "easier" ones, but the way it's working out, I like the easier ones, and Chris likes the simplicity of the prefolds! Either way, they work wonderfully and I feel so much better using them instead of disposables that end up in landfills forever.

What else...?

Nora loves to sleep on Daddy's chest -- she is such a cuddle-bug! Here are some pics of her being her sweet self with Daddy...

We will update again soon!

Carrie, Chris, and Nora

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