Monday, September 22, 2008

Practice, practice..

Now, I hesitate to put all this out there in the universe b/c I don't want anyone to get all frantic and hopeful. So, don't go all crazy, it's just the joy that is the uncertainty of pregnancy.

Last night around 6, after a big dinner, I started having back pain and ctx (contractions). These ctx were like nothing I'd EVER felt before. I actually had to breathe through them, and use my natural childbirth hypnosis techniques to get through them. They were about 5-8 min apart and I could do nothing but lie down.

Anyway, I checked my cervix after 2 hours of these ctx and was more dilated than I was a week ago so I was all types of excited - until I looked at my hand and realized I had some bleeding. Kinda scary, but exciting! So I paged my midwife who called me right back, and told me to go right to bed. She told me that if I slept through the night it was most likely not labor, but to keep her posted if I had ctx that woke me up.

I had a few that did wake me up around 12:30 am, and again at 4 am, but they definitely were petering out. At 7 am, I told Chris it was fine if he went to the gym as planned. I got up myself, showered, and didn't feel many ctx at all.

I did a Hypnobabies script, fell asleep. Had a few more painful ctx while lying down. Chris got home from the gym around 10 am. He was going to run out and get some things from the store (last night during the ctx I was dying for some of those ice pops that break in half, and since it was Sunday night nothing was open so he couldn't go out and get me anything) but since things were slowing down for me I decided to go with him. We went to the liquor store for wine for me (just to have it on hand for when real labor begins) and to the food store. I didn't have many ctx while we were out, and the ones I did have were definitely just BH (braxton hicks); not the "real thing"...

So we continue to wait. Practice, practice...

It's tough trying to stay patient now. Since we got back I've just been sitting on my birth ball, drinking pregnancy tea, and trying not to feel frustrated.

Come on, little girl, Mommy and Daddy really want to meet you!

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